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A message from killukiss
MY NEW HEADCANON: Killua feels responsible to take care of Alluka bc shes clearly not taken care of in her home. And maybe he even did when he was a kid cuz he was the first to know allukas powers& he wanted to keep it secret & stuff. maybe kalluto saw alluka as a rolemodel since childhood(bc they both look like girls & kalluto is younger)& he always wished for killua to love him like he loved alluka.long story short after killua takes alluka away,kalluto tries to kill alluka to win killuas love


Going down the darker route.. I like it.

Maybe he returns to the Zoldyck estate a little after Killua and Alluka just left and finds out he just missed the chance to see his big brother again, and not only that, he’s looking after and caring for his older sister. After all this time looking for him, hoping he’d come home, Killua just blazes in and out, not even asking about poor Kalluto.

Also, maybe like Killua, Kalluto always recognised Alluka as his sibling, and like you said, he looked up to her, though he stayed quiet about it once she was sealed away.He always liked her, but now she’s stealing his brother away, and because of her he might never come home again and that just can’t happen.

same rintori same

"Pity the living, and, above all, pity those who think Frozen is better than Tangled."
dumbledore i’m 100% positive (via findingdaurie)

Nagisa is SO CUTE ヾ(>ᴗ<)ノ

Matsuoka how fucking dare he Rin